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We are in the heart of Downtown Seattle and we strive to make this an easy and simple process for you. We are here to help.
At Sonic Chiropractic we have dedicated our lives to finding the source of the pain. To find the dysfunction in the body that causes those pain signals, mild or severe, that keep you from living your best life.


What’s the first step? It starts with a conversation. Click the link or call to set up a time to discuss your concerns with the Doctor. If you know something is off, if you know you are more uncomfortable than you should be. Let’s have a conversation.


When you are looking for a Seattle ChiropractorSeattle Downtown Chiropractor you know that you need someone that you can trust. Someone that can help you with your pain management as well as help you with the root cause as well. Sonic Chiro Seattle Best Voted Downtown Chiropractor that practices CBP® Chiropractic care. CBP® refers to Chiropractic BioPhysics, it is specialized training that very few chiropractors practice at the moment. It is advanced training with many case studies to back up what we do. We work with patients to not only help relieve their pain but to help with the source, your poor posture.


We love what we do. We help people live better lives. We can help you, too!


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Read what our patients are saying!

I've been going here for a few weeks now, and originally came in for a lot of sever neck pain and shoulder pain. They were very attentive and took a data-driven approach to finding the problem. I had a pretty standard issue with posture and... shoulder rolling because (like most folks in downtown) I spend a lot of my say hunched over a computer. Also had a lean to the right They recommended a 12 week PT/stretching/adjustments/traction approach, and honestly I'm only a few weeks in and it's worked wonders. My neck pain is almost gone completely, and my posture is improving all the time. They're not cheap, but they're a chiropractor in the heart of downtown, so you probably aren't expecting them to be. They'll work with your insurance provider, of course, and are clear about pricing through. So there's no surprises. If definitely recommend them if you're looking for some help with pain management or chiropractic issues. And if you're reading this, I'm guessing you more
Bobby Ball
Bobby Ball
19:17 15 Feb 20
I have been going to Lake Union Wellness for several years. Once I switched jobs, it was no longer a convenient location. Needless to say, when Sonic Chiro opened, I was stoked to resume my treatments at the new location. It is a bustling and... friendly environment. The staff is efficient, and once you establish your treatment, it is easy to stick to a routine and make chiro visits become part of regular self-care. They also offer massage, the appointments book up fast!read more
Katya Scott
Katya Scott
17:50 26 Dec 19
Dr Mary is really knowledgeable. Quai is good with contractions. They solved my neck and shoulder issues. People there are very nice and professional. They remember everyone’s name
Qing Zhao
Qing Zhao
02:54 13 Dec 19
I’ve seen A LOT of providers in my time and I can honestly say Sonic Chiro stands out from the rest. I came to them in pretty bad shape from prolonged neck and back issues and frustration from dealing with L&I. I was hesitant to get Chiropractic... care after having less than stellar experiences in the past that didn't set me up for lasting results. Dr. Steffen assure me my experience here would be different and did not disappointed. I left my first appointment with a visual in hand of my exact issues spelled out and a treatment plan for my specific needs. Everything was upfront and clear and I could track measurable results to see I was making lasting progress, not just short-term relief. My treatment included stretches, traction, adjustments, and massage. I’ve seen both doctors for Chiro and a few massage therapist; everyone has been really wonderful to work with. I have primarily worked with Dr. Steffen for Chiro and Michelle for Massage and would very highly recommend both. I came to them with a lot of pain, stress and frustration and I am very appreciative of how supportive and helpful they have been in getting me to where I am now. All the staff here are also notably friendly and helpful. They are organized, efficient and on top of things – including in regards to scheduling, billing and insurance. You can genuinely tell the staff and doctors here care about their patients, are knowledgeable and are good at what they do.Side note that is worth the mention: I was hesitant to trust a provider that didn’t know the L&I process well yet but Sonic Chiro is the ONLY provider that made this painless for me. I cannot thank them enough for lightening that load of stress. It seems like a small gesture but it makes a world of difference and I’ve yet to come across another provider that is willing to do that and did it well. It would have been a lot easier and less work for them to turn me away, but they didn’t. This speaks to the kind of people they are and the care they more
Bailey Fischer
Bailey Fischer
23:25 25 Nov 19
Dr. Mary and Dr Steffen are both top notch chiropractors who helped me greatly improve my posture and spinal alignment. Chiropractic BioPhysics is the way to go if you want lasting, measurable change!
Peter Roessler
Peter Roessler
21:27 13 Nov 19
Sonic Chiro has been wonderful in helping me with my longstanding back issues. Dr. K listens closely to your needs, reviews progress regularly, and stays focused on your chiropractic goals. Under her care, I've been able to get back to hiking with... minimal restrictions much faster than I anticipated. The entire office staff is friendly and kind, while also efficient in helping you get in and out and on with your day.High 5's and many thanks, Dr. K.!read more
Erin M
Erin M
22:16 02 Oct 19



We truly love what we do. You are the reason we get to come to work every day. We understand that your health and well-being is the most important thing to you, which makes it the most important thing for us. This is what we have dedicated our lives too. Our success is getting you better, and giving you the tools to stay there.

You don’t need to keep suffering. You don’t deserve the pain. Just take a look at our very convenient hours, and make an appointment. It’s as easy as a 2-minute call or clicks that will improve your quality of life and create new habits.

Over time, gravity can slowly be damaging to our spines. Also, things such as a quick jarring from a fall, car accident or sports can also be damaging. However, we are here to help decrease the damage and put your natural curves back as they were meant to be. We are not your typically Seattle Chiropractor – Seattle Downtown Chiropractor but are advanced with advanced techniques that will help you with your overall health.

When looking for a Chiropractor in Downtown Seattle, keep in mind what you are looking to achieve. It is critical that you look at the reviews of the clinic and talk with the doctors about your concerns or issues. Read our reviews here. CBP chiropractic is a long term care strategy. We are not going to simply adjust you



and many others, call with your plan and we can verify!

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