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Downtown Seattle Chiropractor

We are in the heart of Downtown Seattle and we strive to make this an easy and simple process for you. We are here to help.
At Sonic Chiropractic we have dedicated our lives to finding the source of the pain. To find the dysfunction in the body that causes those pain signals, mild or severe, that keep you from living your best life.


What’s the first step? It starts with a conversation. Click the link or call to set up a time to discuss your concerns with the Doctor. If you know something is off, if you know you are more uncomfortable than you should be. Let’s have a conversation.


When you are looking for a Seattle ChiropractorSeattle Downtown Chiropractor you know that you need someone that you can trust. Someone that can help you with your pain management as well as help you with the root cause as well. Sonic Chiro Seattle Best Voted Downtown Chiropractor that practices CBP® Chiropractic care. CBP® refers to Chiropractic BioPhysics, it is specialized training that very few chiropractors practice at the moment. It is advanced training with many case studies to back up what we do. We work with patients to not only help relieve their pain but to help with the source, your poor posture.


We love what we do. We help people live better lives. We can help you, too!


Stop Worrying About the Pain! Just One Click Away…

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Read what our patients are saying!

Daniel L. Has been amazing for my neck and shoulder issues!
Lindsay Jemsek
Lindsay Jemsek
21:16 01 Dec 20
I've been coming to Sonic Chiro for prenatal massages for the past 2 months. Michele Dean might be the BEST masseuse in the city of Seattle. She addresses problem areas very diligently and has great attention to detail. Her time management is... superb, as she always finds a way to address your entire chief complaint within the allotted time slot. I love that Sonic Chiro's online scheduling software allows you to conveniently schedule massage appointments online. I am so happy I found Sonic Chiro for my prenatal massages and chiropractic adjustments to get me through my last trimester of pregnancy!read more
Mai-lan Phan
Mai-lan Phan
01:42 10 Nov 20
Having experienced some debilitating College Football injuries, I went from nearly constant pain before treatment to improved posture, being pain-free a majority of the time, and am on a path to reversing damage and having a better quality of life.... Whether it was Daniel bearing with my constant reschedules, Dr. Everett's sage advice, or Quay's guidance through exercises and pleasant conversation; If you are in need of a Chiropractor or Massage, look no further then Sonic Chiro!read more
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore
23:04 29 Oct 20
I used to have terrible back pain and was desperate. I went to Sonic Chiro and all my back problems went away. Dr. Everett and Dr. Stefen are great to work with. Highly recommend this place for anyone that is experiencing excruciating pain.
Diego Marcos
Diego Marcos
05:42 28 Oct 20
Dr. Mary and Dr. Ted are awesome. If you looking for a downtown Seattle chiropractor near you by the amazon towers. This is the best chiropractic clinic to go for all your back and pain issues. Just after a couple adjustments I feel great and I am... am able to stand longer at my desk while at work. I highly recommend!!read more
Tyeson Anderson
Tyeson Anderson
17:19 01 Oct 20
Dr Klimek and the rest of the Sonic Chiro team are outstanding! Great chiropractic care and friendly customer service. My back and neck have never felt better! The in house massage therapy is also the best I’ve experienced in Seattle.
Stephanie Moses
Stephanie Moses
22:33 19 Sep 20



We truly love what we do. You are the reason we get to come to work every day. We understand that your health and well-being is the most important thing to you, which makes it the most important thing for us. This is what we have dedicated our lives too. Our success is getting you better, and giving you the tools to stay there.

You don’t need to keep suffering. You don’t deserve the pain. Just take a look at our very convenient hours, and make an appointment. It’s as easy as a 2-minute call or clicks that will improve your quality of life and create new habits.

Over time, gravity can slowly be damaging to our spines. Also, things such as a quick jarring from a fall, car accident or sports can also be damaging. However, we are here to help decrease the damage and put your natural curves back as they were meant to be. We are not your typically Seattle Chiropractor – Seattle Downtown Chiropractor but are advanced with advanced techniques that will help you with your overall health.

When looking for a Chiropractor in Downtown Seattle, keep in mind what you are looking to achieve. It is critical that you look at the reviews of the clinic and talk with the doctors about your concerns or issues. Read our reviews here. CBP chiropractic is a long term care strategy. We are not going to simply adjust you



and many others, call with your plan and we can verify!

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