Dr. Britni Everett

Chiropractor Dr. Britni Evertt

Dr. Britni Everett

Dr. Britni Everett’s path to becoming a Chiropractor started early in life. As a young child, her parents took her to a chiropractor to help her stay competitive as an athlete. As a soccer and fastpitch softball player, it didn’t take her long to realize the benefits of chiropractic care – not just for athletes, but for everyone.

Her passion for being active led her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Central Washington University and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College.

Dr. Everett says she loves that chiropractic care gives the body the ability to heal itself. She prefers a natural approach to healthcare and works with patients to avoid medications and surgery.

While Dr. Everett loves all her patients, her favorite patients are those who are motivated to live healthy lives and understand that change takes time – and they’re willing to put in the time.

As a chiropractic patient, practitioner, and advocate, Dr. Everett has first-hand experience in how chiropractic care helps her – and her patients – live pain-free, active lives.