Dr. Mary Klimek

Dr. Mary Klimek

Bachelors in Kinesiology from Western Illinois University

Doctorate from Palmer College Chiropractic 

CBP Biomechanics Certification

Dr. Mary Klimek


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Western Illinois University, Dr. Mary Klimek moved to Portland, OR where she worked as a rehabilitation specialist for Hillsdale Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. During her time in Oregon, Dr. Mary realized how many different people could be helped with chiropractic care. She witnessed hundreds of patients improve their lives through a focused rehabilitation program combined with chiropractic care. From small children to older adults – years of chronic pain to recent injuries – everyone was improving with chiropractic care. Even adults with allergies and babies with ear infections saw positive results with treatment! She realized there was no limit to the age or condition that chiropractic treats; and it was then that she decided to pursue her own chiropractic degree.

After a rigorous chiropractic education at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA – Dr. Mary practiced in Chicago, IL where she grew up.  But, after years of miserable Midwest winters, she decided enough was enough and moved back to the PNW!

Dr. Mary leads a very healthy and active lifestyle. After years of competing in athletic events (softball, golf, triathlons, running & cycling just to name a few…) without injury, she knows that chiropractic care was key in helped her cross every finish line. Dr. Mary believes “Whether you are training for competition or not, there’s no time for pain slowing you down. The hardest part of a race is getting to the starting line- nothing should stop you from getting here!”   Being a competitive athlete herself, Dr. Mary understands the physical demands on the body from training.  Some of her past and current patients include ironmen, triathletes, golfers, marathon runners, pro/amateur cyclists & climbers.

Athletes aren’t the only type of patients she treats. Dr. Mary is a firm believer that everyone’s body has the amazing ability to heal itself. Breaking out of the “cracking their back” chiropractor stereotype, her goal is to treat the whole body. Many people don’t realize that their bodies are governed by nerves that run through the spinal column and by realigning the spine, chiropractic care relieves pressure so the whole body works better.

Dr. Mary is constantly staying on top of current research and treatment protocols for her patients. In addition to attending several post graduate seminars and workshops, she has also done her part toward advancing the chiropractic profession. Her most recent publication can be found in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, where she contributed to a research paper discussing Cycling Induced Neuropathies. When Dr. Mary is not treating her patients, walking her dog, or out riding her bike – she is up in front of a large group of people educating them about her passions- chiropractic, health and fitness.

If you would like to have Dr. Mary Klimek speak to your company about any number of topics, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to see her at the office – don’t hesitate to call.