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When you’re looking for the ‘best chiropractor near me’ in the Seattle area, there’s one facility that we hope will be at the top of your list – Sonic Chiro. We are your local chiropractor in the region who can provide the kind of experience and skill that you’re looking for when seeking chiropractic services, and we have all the requisite qualifications to support that claim. Our team is comprised of Dr. Mary Klimek, Dr. Stephen Duffy, and Dr. Ted Steffen, and between them they have a wealth of experience which they can draw upon to quickly diagnose your problem, and recommend an appropriate program of treatment.

Services we can provide 

At our chiropractic facility, we offer a number of services which are all designed to restore you to a state of whole body wellness:

  • Chiropractic care – this is the most natural approach to good health and wellness, because it involves no drugs or pain-killers, and it does not rely on invasive surgeries. Instead, chiropractic care removes obstacles to wellness in the body, so that the extraordinary healing power of the body can come into play.
  • Massage therapy – our massage techniques make use of medically proven methods to relieve stress and tension, soreness, and tightness in the muscles, tissues, and ligaments of your body.
  • Low back pain – sometimes low back pain can be no more than a dull ache, and at other times it can almost disable you with its intensity. Whatever kind of low back pain you may be experiencing, bring it in to Sonic Chiro, and we’ll find the source of that pain so it can be treated appropriately.
  • Whiplash and other auto injuries – sometimes the effects of an auto injury don’t show up for weeks, but when you’ve had your spine misaligned as a result of an auto accident, it will definitely show up at some point. To make sure it doesn’t get worse, come in for an examination at Sonic Chiro, so we can advise you about your actual status, and take any steps which may be necessary.
  • Neck pains – many adults are affected by neck pains, especially those who are obliged to maintain the same posture at their desk for eight or more hours at the office every day. There is a whole network of nerves which emanate from the spine through the neck and other body areas, and these can become strained by prolonged usage in a single position. When that happens, some gentle manipulation of the neck or massage therapy may be indicated.
  • Migraines and headaches – anyone who’s ever been troubled by a migraine understands how it can completely dominate your being, and how you just want to go to bed and hope it goes away. At Sonic Chiro, we will try our best to discover the reason you’re bothered by headaches and when we know that, we can recommend treatment which will reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines.

How chiropractic care can help you 

Chiropractors view the body as a whole, and that means they don’t just try to cure a specific area of the body of any particular ailment – they will consider how that area is being affected by other parts of the body, and how it is affecting them as well. All the systems of the body are inter-related, and they all work together to maintain wellness, at least until something goes wrong. When something does throw things out of whack, the chiropractor tries to find the source of that issue, so it can be directly treated, rather than simply prescribing medications which mask the issue.

Best Chiropractor in Seattle Washington

The chiropractic specialist has the knowledge and the skill to use their hands to manipulate bone, muscle, tissue, and nerves, so as to bring about a restoration of balance to the body, and to relieve stress on any specific area, so that pain and discomfort are banished. The team of experts at Sonic Chiro have this kind of knowledge and skills, and we are ready and waiting to put them to use in bringing about a state of wellness for you.