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What Does it Mean to Get Adjusted?

At Sonic Chiro our chiropractors give adjustments to our patients – and most of the time, it’s to help with the range of motion.

An adjustment is a slight change made to something to make it fit, work better, or be more suitable. This is an excellent way to describe the work chiropractors perform on joints. Joints love motion. 

Loss of range of motion can happen suddenly, such as after an accident or injury. However, we’re now seeing a sedentary lifestyle as the most common reason for the loss of range of motion. It can happen subtly; you’ll get clues that this is happening when you can no longer do simple things with little ease. This could include putting on your shoes, not being able to turn your head to back up your car, inability to push yourself in the gym, or not being able to keep up with your children playing.  

Loss of motion in joints has been shown to create scar tissue, shrink joint capsules, and cause permanent joint contracture. This can happen in as little as eight weeks! 

Keeping joints in motion is important to your overall health – and Sonic Chiro’s team is highly trained at doing just this! 

The chiropractic adjustment is an excellent way of pushing joints past what a person can do themselves. In the human body, there is a ‘physiological barrier’ which will limit the amount of range of motion you can increase through just doing home stretches. A chiropractic adjustment will take a joint into the ‘paraphysiological space’ which is the space PAST what you can get yourself but BEFORE the point that would cause injury, thus moving the barriers back that are limiting your ability to move.

The first step is to assess if old injuries have created scar tissue or adhesions preventing movement. We will also measure your spinal alignment through digital X-rays. We’ll ask questions about symmetry, leg length, and head or rib cage shifting. 

A chiropractic adjustment uses a controlled force to move tissue past the abnormal restrictive barriers that are preventing it from moving. Barriers prevented folks from having a full range of motion could include muscle spasm, scar tissue, swelling, and pain. After a joint has had a great adjustment patients will often immediately be able to move better.

Good chiropractic care will often also include home stretches, ergonomic advice, exercises designed to help you regain mechanical balance and improve your range of motion.

If you think a chiropractic adjustment can help you with managing your pain, schedule your free consultation exam.


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