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Dr Mary Klimek, seattle chiropractor

Dr. Mary Klimek Answers Questions About Sex Life, Pain, and Being a Chiropractor

One of the many fun things I love about being a chiropractor at Sonic Chiro is hearing from you. Sometimes people ask us questions about specific issues and other times they are just curious about chiropractic in general. Whatever it is, we are happy to provide answers. So, let’s delve right in and tackle some of our most recent questions.

First Question: What are some of the unusual benefits of chiropractic care besides improving your sex life (yes, I read Ask a Chiro #2)?

Answer: Ha! Thanks for reading and for sending us a question! For those of you who haven’t read the question/answer about your sex life and chiropractic, you can find it here: https://sonicchiro.com/blog/ask-a-chiro-2/ .

Now on to your question. Most people only think about going to the chiropractor when they’ve been in an accident or if they are experiencing neck and/or back pain. But patients have also come to us for some other “unusual” reasons including:

  • I want to look better (posture) for my wedding pictures – from a bride-to-be
  • I want a healthier sex life. (Yep, there it is!)
  • I want to balance my left and right to increase squat poundage – from an Olympic Lifter
  • I want better posture to help me breastfeed – from a new mother

Question: Can chiropractic help me in other ways besides reducing pain?

Answer: Great question! The answer is yes! The spinal column consists of bones that support your body while also protecting your spinal nerves which are a very important part of the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all the major functions of the body, so it seems intuitive that better spinal alignment allows for a better functioning nervous system. Think of a house with an excellent electrical system and then compare that to an old house with chaotic wiring that is taped and patched throughout. Which house will function at an optimal level? It will be the house with the excellent electrical system, of course! Your body operates in a similar way. When all of your systems are functioning properly, you will not only feel better, but you will also experience optimal health!

Question: Do you have favorite cases that you’ve treated? If so, what are they?

Answer: It’s always more challenging to work with patients who have subjective goals like “I just want to feel better.” Of course, we can definitely help them achieve that goal through chiropractic care! But, it is especially exciting to treat patients who have specific goals they are trying to meet. Here are a few specific goals that we have helped patients achieve through chiropractic:

  • Run a marathon within 12 months
  • Wake up rested for 30 days straight
  • Not have a migraine for at least 6 months
  • Be able to play on the floor with my grandchildren

Question: Have you ever had a patient come to you for back or neck pain, but then you were able to resolve other issues for them as well?

Answer: Yes, we have definitely had those cases. Most interesting to me is when we correct digestive problems for patients who came in because they were having upper and mid back pain. On many occasions, they have shared with us that after the first 30-60 minutes of chiropractic care, their digestion has improved. Sometimes this is in the upper digestive tract which has resulted in less heartburn and sometimes it is in the lower digestive tract which has resulted in less constipation. This all goes back to the house analogy I used in the second question. When the electrical system (nervous system) is functioning optimally, all systems will function better as well.

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