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Many Options for your Care at Sonic Chiro

Dr. Ted Steffen

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When it comes to taking care of your body, you have many options – and you probably have many questions. Today I’m sharing more about chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and medication – and how they differ and also how they work together.

With massage, your Licensed Massage Therapist works on soft tissue. They work to balance the major muscle groups front to back and side to side. They commonly treat “out of balance” with the front (chest) muscles and back (neck/upper back). Think of these muscles as a big circus tent – you need ropes to be balanced in order to hold the tent in place. If the ropes are not balanced, the tent doesn’t work correctly. With chiropractic, we get the spine into alignment. With massage therapy, the ropes are tweaked so they’re able to work properly.

When it comes to physical therapy – at Sonic Chiro we marry the best parts of physical therapy with the awesome power of chiropractic. Our physical therapy is very focused on the spine. If a patient comes in and needs help with ankle or shoulder physical therapy then we would likely refer them out for that. For spinal issues we do amazing physical therapy.

Medication has its place in the world. If a person is so acute and has major muscle spasms it is very hard to get a great chiropractic adjustment. It’s also very difficult to do any meaningful physical therapy. Pain is also a very important physiological signal. If you can’t feel pain you run the risk of causing more damage to injuries because you can’t feel the damage that you are doing. Chronic overuse of anti-inflammatory medication is a huge problem. Folks are often trading musculoskeletal problems with problems to their digestive system.

At Sonic Chiro we take pride in being a point of entry for most spinal musculoskeletal problems. But we are not so blind to think that we can solve every problem for every patient. For injuries and complaints that are resistant to the great work that we do, we like to refer to ‘physiatrists’ which are MDs that specialize in physical medicine but do not do surgeries. These docs can be great resources for alternative treatments to what we do. And, if it is needed, they can refer these troubled patients to orthopedic surgeons, or other specialists.

We are highly trained and ready to provide you the best care. Training in chiropractic is four years postgraduate. All the docs at both Sonic Chiro and Lake Union Wellness advanced certifications in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), which can be described as ‘structural chiropractic’ with a heavy emphasis on physical rehab to correct abnormal and unhealthy alignment patterns.

LMT training in Washington includes:

  • 130 hours of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology (a minimum of 40 hours in these hours focus on kinesiology)
  • 50 hours of pathology
  • 55 hours of clinical and business practice, including human behavior, record-keeping, hygiene, and ethics, as well as applicable laws.
  • 265 hour of Massage Theory and Practice

The services we provide at Sonic Chiro are very specialized. We take a lot of pride in not trying to be everything to everyone. For the problems that we are focused on we are the best in the state but we regularly refer patients to other providers who might have more skills or training to help patients with those issues.

We are the best at all musculoskeletal issues stemming from postural stresses, car accidents, old injuries, etc. The tools that we have in our toolbox are chiropractic adjustments, physical rehab (in the form of exercise and spinal traction), and massage therapy.

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