Get a better nights sleep. Tonight.

Get A Better Night Sleep. Tonight. 3 Simple things you can do right away.

Patients often come in with neck or lower back pain after a poor night’s sleep. They are always asking for recommendations about the best pillow to use or a better mattress to get. Unfortunately, there’s not one perfect pillow or bed to purchase. It all comes down to your sleeping posture and alignment- and no surprise- your sleeping posture and alignment are related to your posture and alignment during the workday. Read on for some simple ways you can improve your sleep starting tonight.

Change Sleeping Positions

  1. Best. Sleep on your back with a small pillow under your neck and knees
  2. Good. Sleeping on your side with your head supported in a neutral position, a pillow in front of your chest, and a pillow between your knees
  3. Worst. Sleeping on your stomach with your head rotated

Pillow if you’re a Side Sleeper

  1. Measure. In a standing position, measure the distance between your ear and shoulder. When you lay down this will align your forehead, chin and sternum so they are in a neutral position
  2. Support. Your chest should be supported by a dense pillow so you don’t roll on your stomach
  3. Alignment. A small but thick pillow should be between your knees so your hips don’t roll forward.

Other Factors

  1. Stress matters. If you’ve got a lot going on and your mind won’t turn off try taking some magnesium. Magnesium plays a role in supporting deep, restorative sleep by maintaining healthy levels of sleep-promoting neurotransmitters.
  2. Environment Matters. Make sure your room is very dark. Even the slightest bit of light has been linked to the inability to sleep and disrupts REM patterns.
  3. Screen time Matters. Your phone emits blue light the effects your sleep cycles. Turn it off minimum of 2 hours before your bedtime to help your body begin melatonin production.

If these steps don’t work and you still experience pain for more than a week- there maybe something else going on. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our Doctors to discuss causes and possible treatment options.

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