Drink More Water

Dr. Mary Klimek

Now that summer is here and we’re enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather it’s time to talk about hydration. If you find yourself spending more time being active, you need to find yourself drinking more water. There’s no magical number of how much you should get daily – but if you’re more active, you need more water. Here’s my rule of thumb: if your pee is clear, you’re hydrated. If you’re pee is yellow (except for the first thing in the morning) you need more water. The clearer the pee the happier your body will be.

So why do you need water? Your muscles need water to function. Your kidneys use water to detox. Your brain needs water to protect itself. Your intestines and bladder need water to clean out the waste. If you don’t have enough of it for all those parts to work you’re not going to be running efficiently. 

There’s lots of common symptoms of dehydration. First there’s headaches. Your brain will feel like there’s saran wrap over it and gets tighter the more dehydrated you become. There’s fatigue. Have you ever tried to drive your car with no gas in it? How fast and how far did you get? Not very far. Think of it this way – no gas is the same as no water. You aren’t going anywhere.  Lastly are muscle cramps . Muscles function with a pump that pushes electrolytes back and forth. If there’s not enough water in the pump then your muscles aren’t getting the stuff they need.

See, you need water to keep you functioning and healthy.

Some people say they don’t drink enough water because they then have to spend more time getting rid of it; ya know – peeing. Yes, it’s a fact. The more water you drink, the more time you’ll be spending in the restroom. But that’s not a bad thing. Caught in the middle of a bad conversation with your Great Aunt Gladys at the family reunion? “Excuse me, I have to go. Nature is calling.” On an awkward date?  Then it’s time for a potty break.  There’s even an app that tells you the best time to go to the bathroom during the movie you’re watching! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to end this blog now because I have to go tap a kidney. You go and have a glass of water!

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