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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Some of the most frequent questions we get are about insurance. Today we’re going to dispel some myths about insurance and chiropractic care.

First, Sonic Chiro takes insurance. Here are a few we accept: Premera, Anthem BCBS, Regence BCBS, Aetna, UHC, Kaiser, and Medicare. We are “In-Network” with all major medical insurance companies except Cigna.

If you need to know what type of services your insurance covers there are a few ways to check. To help you out, I’m listing them from easiest to not easiest (in case you’re ever looking for something NOT fun to do in your free time).

First – the easiest: Call us at 206-339-6766. We can take care of it easy peasy.

Second – the kinda easiest: Visit Insurance Information and pop your insurance details. Alternatively, you can have your insurance card snap a selfie and send it to us (both sides) with your date of birth to From there we’ll do our magic and call you with information about your options (aren’t we the best?).

Third – the meh of the easiest: Download your insurance carrier app and check the benefits. Make sure you’re taking note of:

  • Your deductible and how much of it has been met
  • Exam copay and if a deductible applies
  • Xray copay and if a deductible applies
  • Chiro visit co-pay/co-insurance
  • Visit limits
  • Rehab visit limit
  • Rehab co-insurance/co-pay amount
  • Massage visit limit, co-pay, and co-insurance
  • check to see if you need pre-authorization for treatment 
  • make sure you know if  your insurance plan goes from Jan 1-Dec 31 or if it’s a plan year plan
  • How amazing you are for taking note of all of this.

Fourth – the not really easiest: Call the member service number on your card and go through the dial-by-number directory and sit on hold until you reach a human (try to avoid the automated system; they typically don’t provide enough details). Ask the sweet human all the information listed above. Remind them they’re amazing.

Fourth – the “why are you torturing yourself” of the easiest: Track down the Plan details workbook you received when you did your initial onboarding with your company/insurance. That workbook will have a list of all the benefit details somewhere in the fine print. You can read through it and find out what’s covered.

Again, take the easy route – just give us a call. We have humans (real ones) who are nice and eager to help. They’ll save you time by quickly getting the info you need. It’s free and there’s no obligation to become a patient.  We just know how confusing insurance coverage can be. Insurance companies like to make the plan details “clear as mud”. We want to make it as easy as possible to get you the help you need.      

Now that you know how to find out if you have coverage, let’s talk about what insurance *typically* covers.

Most insurance companies will cover all or some of the cost of your exam and X-ray, chiropractic treatments, and physical rehab treatments. Some will also cover your massage therapy sessions (how great is that?).  

A visit to the chiro – when using insurance – is going to cost something. It really depends on each individual policy and the company that you work for.  For example, some Amazon Premera plans will cover 90% of the cost with a 20-visit limit. Other Premera plans only cover 12 visits and pre-authorizations are required. 

Finally, therapeutic massages. Yes, some insurance covers them. But it really depends on each individual policy and the company that you work for.  For example, some Amazon Premera plans will cover 90% of the cost with an 18-visit limit (not subject to the deductible). Other Premera plans don’t cover massage at all. 

Lots of questions – we know! Like I mentioned above, just give us a call at 206-339-6766. We’ll take the pain out of insurance – and your back!

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