Physical Exercises to do While Sitting

Physical Exercises to do While Sitting

If you’re a professional person, your typical day is probably hectic. Some people have schedules so packed with activities and tasks that it’s hard to squeeze them all in. And then something unexpected happens to take up more of your time, and your schedule or agenda gets even tighter.

So how are you supposed to find time to do some beneficial exercise that will help relieve some of the daily tension? There are some simple exercises you can do right at work while sitting at your desk, and these can do you a world of good. They can help relieve stress and anxiety, and they can also help to avoid many physical conditions that might otherwise trouble you.

Exercises to do while sitting

Maintaining good posture can be a significant health benefit, and it can ward off some nasty health problems. When you have good posture, you’ll automatically have better blood circulation. This one fact will help keep you in better health. That’s because good circulation keeps all parts of your body properly nourished, so tendons, ligaments, and muscles can all receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

In addition, striving for better posture will also fuel you with more energy and help to improve your balance. While sitting at your desk, try to be mindful of good posture, and sit up straight, because this activity represents a good number of hours in your waking life. Here are two helpful sitting exercises that can help to reduce tensions:

  • Fist-to-stop-sign exercise – this exercise is initiated by holding either arm out before you, then curling your fingers into a fist. Then, slowly open the fingers up and point them in the direction of the ceiling as though you were instructing someone to come to a halt or stop. Do this five or ten times before stopping and returning to your work activities.
  • Forward Fold Exercise – this exercise should not be performed by people with high blood pressure, cataracts, osteoporosis, ocular trauma, or disk herniations. To begin the movement, shift your weight toward the front of your office chair. Then, spread your feet out until they’re slightly wider than your hips. Lean forward and fold your torso over your legs while allowing your head and arms to dangle loosely. Hold this position for three to five breaths before returning to normal posture. Repeat several times to obtain maximum benefits.
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Additional exercise

Of course, these simple sitting exercises do not intend to replace your regular exercise program. There is no real strain put on the body parts that need exercising. Sitting exercises offer a way to reduce stress quickly and straightforwardly that nearly anyone can do, regardless of how busy or stressed they happen to be.

If you couple these sitting exercises with your regular program, you should be able to maintain a good state of fitness, which reduces stress and anxiety levels every day. Contact your local chiropractor to learn how to improve your posture and lower your daily stress levels.

If you want to learn more about how the exercises listed above can help your overall health and wellbeing or how chiropractic care can help poor posture contact one of our Seattle chiropractors at (206) 339-6766 or fill out our online form for a FREE consultation.

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