Standing Desks – Yay or Nay?

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Are There Any Benefits to Using a Standing Desk?

Humans are not made to sit for a long time. Think back to those days when you worked in a traditional office setting. After a few hours of sitting, you’d likely get up, wander to the water cooler, do a coffee run, or check in with your colleagues. The same scenario may play out a few times during your workday.

Now that most of our patients have been working at home – and are getting closer to going back to the office. It may be time to think about the best office and workspace setup.

In today’s blog, I’ll provide my thoughts on standing desks to help you make an informed decision if one should be in your future.

While I did mention above that we aren’t meant to sit for long periods of time, it is also true that we aren’t supposed to stand all day. Standing desks do make you use your muscles. But if you have conditions such as flat feet or bad knees and hips, a standing desk may not be for you.

When standing at your workspace, you should shift from side to side. This will improve circulation. It also seems that folks who work while standing tend to take more breaks and move around more. When sitting it’s easy to go into a ‘task coma’ and forget to take a break for many hours, which is not healthy.

Let’s talk about what you should look for in a standing desk. It should be adjustable. There are workstations that sit to stand as a whole table and there are ‘add ons’ which sit on an existing table, those tend to be less expensive and easier to set up. If you want to be extra aggressive you can consider the treadmill desk alternative. For your standing desk, you may want to consider a pad to stand on. It should be thick enough to make a difference but not so thick that it creates a tripping hazard. I recommend 0.05-1 inch.

Lastly, is a standing desk worth the investment? Any investment in your health and wellbeing is a worthy investment. There have also been multiple studies that show that if your workstation is well constructed then you will be more productive so there literally can be an investment ROI in a great sit/stand workstation.

If you have questions about your workspace ergonomics, be sure to bring it up at an upcoming visit – you can even bring photos and we’ll assess it for you.

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