Top 10 things We’re Getting Our Friends and Family for the Holiday

We’re ALWAYS getting asked the same questions in the office.  “Dr. Klimek, what kind of pillow should I buy?”  “Dr. Steffen, what kind of bed to you recommend?’  “Dr. Klimek, Would this help for my posture?”  “Dr. Steffen, what can I do for this tight muscle at home?”  Anyway, you get the idea.   So here you go.  Here’s a list of all of our favorite things and top recommendations from all the chiropractors and massage therapists on the team.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be on our list this year!

*Side note: we are not affiliated with any of these products.  I included a link, but feel free to do a quick google search and a little research to find a similar and totally awesome product…and if you do, let us know do we can pass it on.

For Sleeping


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For back sleepers #1 & #2 The trick to sleeping on your back is to support your neck without pushing it forward.  This Half Moon Neck Bolster will do the trick perfectly.  This little guy is great to put under your neck for support without pushing your head forward.  Just make sure you get two.  One for under your neck and one to put under your knees, like this Full Round Bolster Pillow  to give a little more support and relief for your lower back.

For side sleepers #3  Theraputica Sleeping Pillow This one is a little pricier, however it will be great for those folks who sleep on their side.  It’s also great for those of us who start out sleeping on our backs (like a Disney Princess) and then roll to our side in the middle of the night.

Dog bone pillow #4  Foam Knee Pillow  Technically, I think this one is called a “foam knee pillow” but I think it looks like a dog bone.  And your friends and family or that Secret Santa on your list will much rather get a “dog bone pillow” then a “knee pillow”.   

Weighted Blanket  #5 Weighted Blanket  I don’t actually have one of these.  But I would like to get one.  What’s not to like about an tag line that says, “feels like a soft hug wrapped around you”

For Tight Muscles
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Theracane  1 Trigger point massage cane  This one is great for gifting your significant other that’s always asking you to “just give them a 5 minute shoulder and neck massage, pretty please.”  Give them this (of any of the items on this list for that matter) and they can give themselves a 5-minute neck massage.  It’s the gift that give back to both of you.

Lacrosse ball  2 Massage Therapy Ball these little guys make great stocking stuffers for weekend warriors and occupational athletes alike.  This is also one of the most recommended tools our massage therapists recommend for at home pain relief.

Foam Roller Foam Roller For Tight Muscles  So great for so many muscles.  Also, great for balance and stability exercises and core strengthening.

Hypervolt 4 Hypervolt this one is a bit on the pricier side, but well worth the expense.  We use this in the office on the regular.  It’s a fan favorite.

Venon 5 Hyperice Venom  This is one of our other most popular office “toys”. Great for lower back pain.  Easy to just put it on and go about your other daily activities while getting some relief for those sore muscles.





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