What makes chiropractors “weird”?

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What makes chiropractors “weird”?

We’ve all been in situations where we are meeting new people and get asked “What do you do for work?” As chiropractors, we’ve gotten used to receiving some polarizing reactions – some people instantly like us while others look at us like we are from Mars! Those who respond positively are usually people who have personally experienced the benefits of chiropractic care or know someone who has. The others are generally unfamiliar with chiropractic care or have only ever visited traditional medical doctors. As chiropractors, people sometimes think we are “weird” because we are passionate about what we do which means we are constantly having to push back against the dominant medical model that says drugs and surgery are the cures for all ailments. The chiropractic creed is to improve a patient’s overall health naturally and without drugs or surgery. The idea that spinal alignment and structure affects a person’s health is a foreign concept to most people, so we are constantly working to educate them.

How is chiropractic care different from traditional medical care?

In the traditional medical model, the bulk of the time, money, and energy is spent on diagnosis and exam. Patients are given prescriptions for medication and report back in a few weeks or months to let the doctor know how the medication has affected their condition. In the chiropractic model, patients are given a very thorough examination (often with X-rays) that is then followed by a series of treatments multiple times per week. These frequent visits early on allow the doctor to monitor how a patient’s condition is responding to treatments and therapies and then quickly course correct and tailor them if needed to achieve the maximum health benefit. So, in a nutshell, traditional medicine puts a lot of focus and energy on the initial exam and diagnostics with little connection to treatment while chiropractic emphasizes ongoing focus and energy throughout the patient’s care, beginning with intense interventions in the initial phase.

So, receiving chiropractic care isn’t a one-time visit?

The problems that usually lead folks to visiting a chiropractor are typically “cumulative” in nature which means they’ve been building up over time – sometimes over months and even years. Because of that, the treatments also need to be cumulative to help reverse whatever has been causing the issue(s). It is a testament to the healing power of chiropractic that over a short period of 90-180 days, we can reverse and correct what may have taken many years to manifest.

Healing vs. Medicating

The only person who can heal the patient is the patient. The body has to do the work. The chiropractor’s role is to help a patient’s physical body get into the best possible condition to heal itself. One of the biggest problems with medication is that it numbs patients to their own bodies and masks symptoms so small problems often become very big problems. The wise solution is to find the root of the problem and fix it. As allopathic docs, we have the training and knowledge to do just that for our patients – naturally.

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