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We have 2 full time highly trained Chiropractors on Staff


We have 5 massage rooms that offer massages 7 days per week


We have a variety of rehab equipment to help make lasting changes

Fully Equipped for your needs

At Sonic Chiropractic, we have created 3,000+ sqft of the best tools available, hand selected by our doctors based on the most current research available. 
With 5 massage rooms, 2 full time chiropractors, and a full array of rehab equipment, Sonic Chiro is perfectly set up to meet your health needs.

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Sonic Chiropractic has two full time doctors who have advanced degrees ranging from bio-mechanics and posture, to serious accidents and trauma.

Sonic Chiropractic has 5 massage rooms and 8 LMT’s that operate 7 days a week. All of the LMT’s have additional training in various techniques ranging from intraoral for TMJ, to prenatal techniques.

Sonic Chiropractic is well equipped to help correct postural alterations that are developed over time. Poor posture leads, to poor function, which leads to many different types of short term and long term problems. 

our expertise

We like to fix people

The Idea is that structure determines function.
We believe in addressing the cause of someones discomfort, instead of just masking pain.

Finding the problem

We use the latest technology available to find where the problems are, so we can fix them. We have full brand new digital X-ray in house and are able to take those images and digitally map out the spine. It's visual, and eliminates guess work.


After we find the problem, we have a discussion on how to fix the problem. The doctors create a specific and tailored care-plan that meets your health, financial, and time needs.

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