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A migraine is a painful headache that may be preceded by a warning sign, Our chiropractors have helped patients with migraines. Call us at (206) 326-1990 To Schedule Your Appointment Today!

What to do about migraines?

Anyone who has ever suffered from migraine headaches knows that they have a massive impact on every aspect of daily life. Sometimes the pain of a migraine headache can be so severe that it forces you into bed, in a room that is dark and quiet. It is estimated that as many as 25% of all people will be prone to experiencing at least one migraine headache, sometime during their lifetime. Researchers have discovered that heredity may play a role in developing migraines because some people seem to have a genetic predisposition for contracting migraines.

The cause of migraines is still unknown. However, there are many conditions that can cause migraines to come more often or stay longer. Sometimes, migraines can be controlled by dietary and lifestyle changes. Problems with the spine also contribute to migraine headaches. Research studies have shown chiropractic adjustment help with migraines. If you are living with migraines you should contact your migraine chiropractor in downtown Seattle, Sonic Chiro, so that you can experience the relief that you deserve.

Triggers of migraines

Most people understand that a migraine headache may be coming on when they begin to experience sensitivity to light or sound, nausea and/or vomiting, pain around the eyes, and a pounding type of pain which is manifested in the frontal area of the head. Some of the most common triggers of migraine headaches are thought to include some or all of the following:

  • changes in barometric pressure
  • some powerful types of stimuli, for instance strong smells, bright lights, and persistent loud noises
  • excessive sleep
  • various kinds of foods such as dairy products, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, foods containing nitrates, aged cheeses, or any kind of foods which include monosodium glutamate.

How migraines are diagnosed

When your doctor attempts to diagnose migraine headaches, he/she will generally ask you to provide a detailed medical history. An overview of the symptoms you’re experiencing will also be helpful in trying to pinpoint the type of headache. Doctors will usually ask if your family has any history of migraines, how frequently your migraines occur, what type of impact they have on your daily activities, and exactly what kinds of symptoms accompany your migraine headaches.

Your doctor may also ask you to undergo an MRI scan or a CT scan to help with the diagnosis. These type of tests don’t diagnose migraine headaches, but they are helpful at eliminating other causes, so that your doctor can be sure you really are experiencing migraines.

Other factors such as abnormal spine alignment and function are thought to cause migraines to occur more often and last longer. Identifying any abnormal spine alignment is important for a chiropractor to best help any patient with migraine headaches.

How we help patients with migraines

Our aim at Sonic Chiro, is to help restore your daily life and re-establish order for you as quickly as we can. The chiropractors at our facility will often combine traditional treatment plans with non-traditional plans to produce a comprehensive program which is customized to your specific circumstances. Some of the methods we use to help patients with migraine headaches include specific chiropractic adjustments as well as spine and posture rehabilitation.

If you’re a person who is frequently bothered by migraine headaches, you should contact your headache chiropractor at Sonic Chiro. We are a migraine chiropractor in downtown Seattle who understands how debilitating migraine headaches can be, and we do our very best to help resolve your migraine issues. Contact us for a free consultation today, and take the first step toward the potential of becoming free of migraines.