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Scoliosis Treatment Seattle Washington

Scoliosis primarily affects children, and when it does, it causes a curvature of the spine to develop, which can lead to a complete loss of self-confidence and self-esteem at a time when youngsters are most vulnerable. The period of time when youngsters are most prone to developing scoliosis is between the ages of 10 and 12 for girls and the ages of 13 and 14 for boys.

That makes this period ideal for having your child screened for scoliosis, so it can be determined whether or not any of the markers are present which indicates a likelihood of this affliction. It seems to attack boys and girls equally, although when it does afflict girls, the curvature seems to be more pronounced, and it tends to progress more rapidly than it does with boys.

It is far better that scoliosis is detected early on before it has a chance to progress and take hold, and the potential for successful treatment is much greater with early detection. When children develop scoliosis and have not been screened, and there is no treatment ongoing, there is a much greater likelihood of spine curvature occurring, and of having this curvature be more significant.

That’s why it’s very important that you bring in your teens and pre-teens to our chiropractic center at Sonic Chiro in downtown Seattle. If you don’t have your child screened, and they later develop scoliosis, you might never forgive yourself.

Detection of scoliosis

It is very easy for scoliosis to go undetected, because the time when it generally attacks youngsters is at an age where they have grown up somewhat, and are doing all their own dressing and bathing. That means parents aren’t paying such close attention to their children’s bodies as they were when the children were younger.

Children themselves are not likely to notice the slow progression of any curvature, because it will happen incrementally over a period of years, and that won’t have any detectable impact for the victim. Even if you were looking closely at your child while dressed, you probably would not notice a curvature taking place, because it happens so slowly. By far the best way to detect scoliosis is to have your child screened at a chiropractic center like Sonic Chiro, where we have all the diagnostic tools available for such examinations.
Parents might also tend to overlook any possibility of scoliosis if they have a child who is athletic and is involved in recreational activities. Surprisingly however, dancers are 12 1/2 times more likely to develop scoliosis than are other youngsters of the same age, and gymnasts are also much likelier to develop scoliosis than relatively inactive children.

How can scoliosis be treated?

There are some definite treatments available for scoliosis, and the type of treatment provided is directly related to the severity of a patient’s condition, and the degree of spine curvature. Any person who does have scoliosis and does not seek treatment can expect to have the condition progress over time, and to become worse. Here are some of the primary types of treatment:

• For a mild spine curvature, our Sonic Chiro doctors would continue to observe for a while before any major intervention is recommended.
• When a person has a moderate spine curvature, it may require scoliosis bracing, which provides greater support for the spine and inhibits any further curvature.
• Severe cases of spine curvature will probably call for scoliosis bracing, and it’s also possible that corrective surgery might be recommended.
• In addition to these methods and techniques, scoliosis rehabilitation will generally be involved, as well as some specific exercises designed to counteract the effects of curvature.
To avoid the necessity for scoliosis treatment, make sure to bring your child in at an early age, so the disease can be detected promptly and steps can be taken to prevent any worsening.

Free scoliosis screening

If you would like to have your child screened for scoliosis, please contact us and make an appointment at Sonic Chiro in downtown Seattle. You’ll feel better about making sure that your child does not have any tendency toward spine curvature, and if it turns out that there is some evidence of scoliosis, catching it early enough to take steps is always the best way to treat it.