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Welcome to our New Patient Center

Thank You for Taking Action on your Health!

Hi! We want to make this very simple for you so that you can get back to feeling the way you want! We are are able to help with many things: Chronic or Acute Pain, Injury recovery and sports injuries, postural correction, Wellness and Maintenance care, general feelings of not “feeling right”, as well as many others. 

The 3 primary methods we utilize for correcting the cause of discomfort and maintaining health are:

  • Chiropractic – The most effective and powerful method to address the source of the bodies dysfunction, without the use of medications or surgeries.
  • Physical Therapy – The most effective way to correct the underlying dysfunction, with the intent to keep it from returning.
  • Massage- The most effective way to address soft tissue components of the healing process.

Best Practice

Quite often, the best approach is to utilize all three in conjunction together. This typically produces the best results. However, there may be situations and circumstances that don’t allow for, or require the utilization of all three, such as: lack of Insurance Coverage, a Financial or Time constraint, Comfort Level, or maybe a certain modality is just not needed. 

The only way to know for sure is to start with a conversation with one of the Doctors. There are two main ways to initiate care here at Sonic Chiro: 

Two Options for Beginning Care

No Charge Consultation

  • 15 minute one on one, face to face conversation with the Doctor
  • Open Discussion about possible issues
  • In-depth explaination of options and approaches
  • Brief Verification of insurance benefits (if possible)
  • In-depth explanation of differences between
  • Creation of Massage Prescription needed in order to bill Massage benefits (required for all new Massage patients)
  • Answering of any questions or concerns you might have regarding current condition or future care

Full Exam

  • Everything included in the Consult
  • Full History
  • Full Postural Analysis
  • Full Physical Exam
  • Digital Xrays (if necessary)
  • 2nd visit to go over findings (included)
  • Full in-depth Xray Report
  • Full typed up verification of Insurance benefits
  • Full typed up, structured care plan with visits, approaches, and timeline

If you are interested in setting up a consultation or a full exam with one of the doctors, please fill out the Intake paperwork below and then click the button to call and speak to our wonderful Front Desk staff and they will be more than happy to help find a time for you. Once you have a date and time set, They will give you instructions on where to send your intake paperwork and a copy of your insurance card. We look forward to helping you!

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About us

We are a group of highly passionate, dedicated, and hardworking Doctors and LMT’s who have dedicated their lives to delivering the highest care possible. 

Our mission

To help people who are unnecessarily in pain live better pain free lives, or help health conscious people maintain their quality of life, without the use of medications and surgery. 

Our Services

  • Chiropractic
  • Postural Corrective Physical Therapy
  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy

“The Doctors and staff here are phenomenal. They are kind, listen to your issues and find ways to alleviate back pain. I would recommend them to any family and friends if you are in need of a chiropractor!.” – M. Taylor

Our Doctors

Chiropractic, Seattle, Chiro

Dr. Mary is Co-clinic director of Sonic Chiropractic

Lead Chiropractor of Sonic Chiropractic and Massage in Downtown Seattle

Dr. Sandz is Co-clinic Director of Sonic Chiropractic

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