Sonic Chiro to Move to a New Brand!

We are excited to announce that Feb. 1, Sonic Chiro will be transitioning to Chiro One Wellness Centers.

While the name and look of our clinic will change, patients will experience the same great care, clinic staff, and insurance acceptance.
We look forward to continuing to serve the Seattle community with excellent care!

Chiropractic in Downtown Seattle, Washington

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Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief Downtown Seattle

Chiropractic is the leading Natural approach to health and wellness. What does that mean? It means we help people improve their function, which in turn makes them feel better. The best part- we do that without the use of medications, or surgery. Now, given the appropriate time and situation, those methods can be incredibly life-changing, but the general thought is that those options should be the LAST resort. That’s why so many people choose chiropractic and massage care first!

We take this quote very seriously.  We look to the spine and assess it in 3 ways: 1) how it’s positioned 2) how it moves 3) how healthy it is. Truthfully, it’s a very simple concept. Your spine surrounds and protects your nervous system. The master controller of EVERYTHING. If you think about it, wouldn’t it make sense that if your spine wasn’t in the right position, or it wasn’t moving properly, that it might affect how those nerves work?  And, if those nerves aren’t working, wouldn’t it make sense that you might not feel very good? Now the phrase “Don’t feel very good” and a person’s symptoms can range quite a bit.

  • Pain?  The body is telling you something is not right.
  • Tightness? When something is not right, the body has certain ways of protecting itself. It will try to stabilize itself, so it will lock everything down.
  • Fatigue? The body is working overtime because it’s trying to compensate for everything.
  • Numbness? Well… That is the communication of the nerves… so, of course

The concept is very straightforward…

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP®) technique emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment while simultaneously reducing pain and improving function. The uniqueness of CBP® is in structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture. CBP® is the most researched and scientifically proven method available with over 240 publications in scientific peer-reviewed journals including 13 randomized controlled trials and 7 non-randomized controlled trials. CBP® is continuously advancing the field in spine biomechanics and non-surgical spine correction and rehabilitation.

Chiropractor Spine Services in Seattle, WA

So what is the normal Structure of the spine?

There are 24 vertebrae in the spine. They should all move properly in relation to the one above and the one below.

The spine is divided into 3 main sections:

  1. The Cervical spine, or neck, has 7 vertebrae. It should have a nice smooth curve that is ideally 42 degrees.  The neck curve is called an acquired curve. It develops when you start crawling. Due to it being acquired, the curve can be lost. Big things like traumas, or cumulative small things like sitting at a desk or sitting in poor posture, causes changes to the curve.
  2. The Thoracic Spine, or Mid-Back, has 12 vertebrae. The curve in the midback is called an accommodating curve since it accommodates all of your organs. This curve will change, but it’s typically secondary (because of) the changes in the Neck and/or Low Back.
  3. The Lumbar Spine, or Low back, has 5 Vertebrae. It should have a curve that is 40 degrees.  This curve is also acquired and you develop this curve when you start walking. The same concept, because it’s acquired, you can lose it.

So, In a nutshell, if your spine is moving the way that it should, and it’s positioned the way that it should, you are more than likely going to function well overall. And if your spine is not… well, then you probably don’t feel awesome and you should come in and see us…

What Technique Do You Use at Sonic Chiropractic?

We use a lot of techniques at Sonic Chiropractic. The idea is to have a lot of tools in the tool bag so that we are able to help a wide variety of people in differing situations. Having said this, the prominent technique that we use and have spent a significant amount of time mastering is called Chiropractic Bio-Physics.

The short description is simple; there is an ideal position of the spine. When you deviate from that ideal position, you don’t feel awesome. It’s a research-backed, logic-based, reproducible approach to spinal analysis and spinal correction. It eliminates guesswork and produces predictable outcomes.

To learn more and to go further in depth, take a look at our breakdown of CBP here.

Your journey to wellness begins here. For more information about Sonic Chiro and our Services or to schedule an appointment with our Seattle chiropractor, call (206) 326-1990 today!