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“Suffering from Sciatica in Downtown Seattle?”

Sciatica is the medical condition which is generally characterized by some degree of pain or discomfort felt in the area of the lower back, and which travels down through the buttocks, into the legs and feet. The reason it has such a broad impact is that the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the human body, is being pinched or stressed by vertebrae in the lower back.

The pain can recur and even grow worse over the course of a person’s lifetime if nothing is done to treat the condition. That’s where an expert chiropractor can make a huge difference in your life, because a knowledgeable practitioner can manipulate those vertebrae so as to relieve the pressure being exerted on the sciatic nerve, and help a person become pain-free.

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How Sciatica can develop

There are several ways that sciatica can develop, including both usual and unusual circumstances.

    • An auto accident for instance, can cause a misalignment of the spine, or it can cause one of the spinal discs to bulge out and exert pressure on the sciatic nerve.
    • Sciatica can also develop simply as a result of prolonged poor posture.

Repetitive use injuries can trigger sciatica, as when a person performs the same action at work over and over again.

  • It can also come about as a direct result of pregnancy, when a great deal of stress is placed on the vertebrae of the lower back. In most cases, by the time you actually notice significant pain after some triggering event, the condition has already been developing for quite some time. Because it can develop very slowly and subtly, patients are often unaware that a sciatic condition is in progress until it is finally manifested as physical pain.
  • The most common cause for sciatica is having a slipped or herniated disc in the back. When this happens, the situation will not reverse itself naturally, and it will become necessary for some kind of physical action to be taken in order to restore proper alignment to the vertebrae in the back. If left untreated, the condition will generally progress and become worse over time, eventually disabling a person, and reducing their ability to move around naturally.

Treatment for Sciatica

When you are treated for sciatica at Sonic Chiro, you will first be carefully evaluated so that the precise source of the pain can be pinpointed. This is necessary so that the proper form of treatment can be delivered, and this treatment will be customized to the patient’s specific condition. The program of treatment which is then recommended will include specific manipulations of the spine, so as to bring it back into proper alignment, and to relieve the pressure being exerted on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica can be either acute or chronic, and acute cases generally respond very well to treatment. While you might be able to relieve the symptoms of acute sciatica with pain relief medications, you are always better off to consult with your chiropractor, so the situation doesn’t worsen into chronic sciatica, which doesn’t go away.

When sciatica becomes chronic, some kind of physical therapy will definitely be necessary, and this should be administered by your Sonic Chiro expert. Usually, a patient will also have to participate in their own recovery by performing some light stretching exercises at home, which help to relieve stress on the sciatic nerve. While more severe conditions may take longer to correct, it will always take much less time to correct sciatica than it took for the condition to develop.

Which chiropractor should you choose?

There may be more than one chiropractor in downtown Seattle, but the one you should choose to have your sciatica treated is Sonic Chiro. You won’t find another clinic in the city where the skilled professionals are truly passionate about helping people get better. The Sonic Chiro practitioners are committed to helping all their patients achieve a greater state of wellness, and to be able to enjoy a fuller quality of life. Contact us today, so we can help you eliminate the pain you’re feeling due to sciatica.